South Florida Sport Aviation’s air conditioning system was designed and engineered to endure the extreme tropical climates of Brazil. Flying in hundreds of RV’s around the world this system has a proven track record of performance and reliability second to none. Our kit was developed with a special consideration for the home builder. Whether your aircraft is being built or already flying our kits offer a straight forward installation that can be surely accomplished by any builder.

This system works just like your car. We use an engine driven compressor, condenser, evaporator, and blower managed by a digital temperature controller with reticulation capabilities. System performance: 21, 000 BTU/h@38°C-320m³/h all system components weigh a total of 51 lbs. and are arranged through out the airframe in order to have minimal effect on the weight and balance of the aircraft. The air scoop houses the condenser. Flight test results show less than 2kts variation in speed and with the IO 540 you’ll have plenty of power to spare.

Safety features include a temperature sensor and a low pressure safety switch with indication at the digital controller.Also included is our interior overhead console designed for individual passenger comfort. With adjustable air vents, eyeball reading lights, and dome lights each passenger can regulate their own personal space.

Kit Includes:

  • Overhead console
  • Heavy duty compressor
  • Compressor support brackets
  • Condenser and air scoop
  • Evaporator and blower
  • Mounting shelf
  • Temperature sensors
  • Low pressure safety sensor
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Naca Vents
  • Sheet metal templates
  • Crimped hoses and fittings
  • Crimped wiring harness
  • Belt and hardware
  • Customer support

*Shipping fees not included

Note: This air conditioning kit is designed for the Lycoming IO-540. In order for the whole package to fit inside the cowling the SKY-TEC STARTER 149-NL (P/N 07-00762) must be installed. This item is not provided in our kit.

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