• A/C Systems for RV-9

Our air conditioning system is being developed for the RV-9 and is on pre-order. This system is based on the original Flyer A/C systems A/C kit for the RV-10. It was developed specifically for Van's kits with special thought to the homebuilder. Whether your aircraft is already flying, in the box or in assembly, this is the kit for you, with the best performance and cost we can think of. Our easy to follow instructions with images and diagrams help you install this kit. Between 10 to 13 hours of labor are estimated for assembly by an inexperienced builder. That is basically one weekend and without large modifications to your airplane. 

Our kit features a belted, engine driven compressor installed at the motor with a modified flywheel, a heavy duty starter, hoses that run along the bottom of the fuselage to the underbelly air scoop which houses the condenser. The blower and evaporator rest in a drip tray housed in the tail cone with a convenient drip line to the outside of the aircraft. The airflow duct runs along the inner sides of the cabin making use of the aircraft's ergonomics and sends air vents throughout the cabin. We also feature a digital control console for temperature control and fan speed. One of our benchmark features is the ability to recirculate air much like an automotive A/C would, giving unparalleled performance, economy and comfort. 

This system, designed to endure the harshest hot climates in the world, has been battle tested by our customers with minimal power loss. The kit components altogether add only 69.6 lbs (31.6kg) with all components included and a performance of 21,000 BTU/hr. Our flight results indicate less than 2 kt variation in speed and with the IO-380, you will still have plenty of power and performance to spare.  

We know what it's like to have a sweat drop running along your eyebrow stinging your eyes during taxi and takeoff. Being so sticky even your hands slide off the controls and just the general discomfort of heat and lack of ventilation for you and your passengers. That's why we designed this system because we know you've invested time, money, effort and your dreams in to a project and our intent is to give the most efficient and cost effective solution. 

  • What's in the box:

    • -Complete system with temperature sensors and protection sensors in case of a low refrigerant level
    • -Double grooved flywheel for 2 belts 
    • -Support brackets for the compressor
    • -3 speed 12 volt evaporator/blower
    • -Support tray with drip line
    • -A/C compressor
    • -Side composite air ducts console with vents in gray PPG primer with all air ducts and vents
    • -Circular air duct hosing
    • -Digital temperature control, 3 speed digital fan speed and re-circulation control module
    • -Under fuselage air scoop 
    • -External Side air inlets
    • -Full assembly kit with hosing, fittings, belt, terminals, connectors, screws and wiring harness
    • -Comprehensive instructions and our full availability and commitment to help you get the job done
    • *Shipping fees are not included in price.

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A/C Systems for RV-9

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