Facts & Questions

FAQs (to some very blunt questions we usually get)

I read that I should get a kit bundle all at once instead of buying the part I need because I’m at that part of the build. Why should I buy it all at once?

Well, there are two main reasons for this; first, the total cost is cheaper for you. By bundling shipping and all kits and sets we also offer them at a reduced rate. The second main reason is all our leather goods are natural hide. The only item we offer in faux leather is the glare shield because it has to withstand high temperatures and light and lasts more under those conditions. Everything else we have is real leather. We try to manufacture each set using the same hide or at least the same batch of hide from the tannery. Because of the natural process of tanning there might be a color variation from one batch to another. So a tone from one year might vary 3 years later. Although this has never happened, the tannery disclaims and we forward the information to you. Because of shipping consolidation, we are able to offer attractive bundle prices.

What’s the price for shipping?

Shipping prices are not included in our items. Once you fill out your order form, we can calculate shipping in each individual case and send you a Purchase Order for your approval. We bill you exactly what the shipping company bills us. We always strive to find the cheapest solution to transporting goods, but sometimes a specific company might be able to accommodate large items as well as other convenience factors. Because of this, sometimes the cheapest solution might not be the best.

How do I order?

We designed our website to be a simple order form itself. Due to the very nature of our products, each order is unique and we pride on taking care of each customer with our full attention. Because of this, these are the simple steps to making an order:

Step 1) You simply click on your order on the website. This lets us know what you are interested in.

Step 2) We contact you, make sure of your order and clarify any questions or issues that might arise and work out the details. Soon after we provide a Purchase Order for you to sign. At that time you also make a payment. We require a 25% deposit to begin production. A $500.00 non-refundable fee is charged for order cancellations. Send us the signed Purchase Order along with bank verification of deposit/wire transfer via email to sales@sfsportaviation.com

Why are prices subject to change without notice?

This is quite simply because, instead of maintaining a higher profit margin trying to foresee price increases for commodities before turn of the year, we modify our prices, as soon as commodity prices increase. Some businesses maintain a higher percentage for profit in their prices. We don’t, this is to keep prices more competitive for you.

Why do your lead times differ?

Our products are imported. Since we are a representative of Flyer, all products come from Brazil. Some are customized in our facility. To keep prices low, we ship our products once typically once a month. Be it a container or a box. Sometimes we gain, sometimes we lose so we try to consolidate all orders into 30 day periods.

Why is it so difficult to schedule installation?

Why are some of your prices lower and some prices higher than other competitors?

We usually get this question on our overhead panel. Each company develops and manufactures their products in a different way. This influences final pricing. Also, our pricing is based, like any business, on labor and commodity costs. Most materials are imported. Shipping and taxes between countries is a major factor.

What makes you’re A/C good?

We developed the A/C for customers who were using their aircraft in harsh climate conditions. After years of research and listening to customers’ feedback we developed an A/C system that can regulate temperature digitally, regulate fan speed and work efficiently with minimal performance loss.
Passenger comfort was the main criteria. With customers’ feedback, we think we are on the right track, but we are always looking to improve.

Who is Flyer?

Flyer is a Brazilian company who has assisted in building and consulting more than 3,000 RV kits now flying worldwide since 1983. Listening to customers’ feedback over the years some components were developed to perfect and improve comfort, performance, looks and safety. They build RVs and fabricate aftermarket kits made with attention to detail and elegance and with this in mind South Florida Sport Aviation has brought to the North American market Flyers products. Flyer began to manufacture these kits and install them in the aircraft they have helped build. A loyal bond was created between Van's and Flyer which South Florida Sport Aviation is proud to be part of that family.

How can I get an airplane built by Flyer? Who should I speak to?

Talk to us! Or call Flyer and they’ll refer you back to us. We abide by the 51% rule. Because of this, it’s just not practical to join us in a build for 6 months in Brazil. There are several and low time exquisite aircraft flying in Brazil built by Flyer at the moment. We represent Flyer and many owners who would like to sell their aircraft. We can manage the whole process from procuring, pre-buy, up to delivering it to your doorstep. Give us a call and we can explain the process further.

I’ve never heard of you, can I get a reference?

Most of our customers are overseas and we maintain their privacy. The idea is to bring these products to the US market. We realize we are new to the US market, however we encourage you to give Vans a call and ask about us and Flyer. They will be glad to vouch for us and that’s the best reference we can think of.